What you should know about TikTok trends


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Right after her Spanish class, Morgan Greenwood 24’ takes a look at her favorite trends on TikTok. She then went to lunch with her friends and showed them a fun new TikTok trend she found.

Kali Riddell, Multimedia Editor

Put a finger down if you have TikTok on your phone. If you still have 9 fingers up, keep reading.

Tik Tok is a trending app that found its popularity during quarantine in 2020. Visibly, Tik Tok seems so fun; it has dances, trends, new songs, art, food, recipes, sports and more. If you have it on your phone, you can see all of these things with one click of an app. Brynlee McMillin ‘25, a current freshman,  says, “My favorite TikTok trends are the dancing videos.” So, what is the deal with TikTok?

Put a finger down if you have tried Emily Mariko’s salmon rice bowl.

TikTok has many beneficial trends that can be followed. For example, this trending salmon rice bowl is healthy and tasty.  If you are interested in finding new recipes that are good for you, TikTok is the place to go. Xavier guidance counselor Anna Panagiotakopoulous says, “TikTok is definitely a good place for cooking hacks and recipes.”

Put a finger down if you have ever tried dry scooping pre-workout or protein powder.

This one seems like a great trend to hop on at first but this trend has actually gone wrong many times. Many people have reportedly been admitted into the hospital for doing this dangerous and strange challenge. Yahoo News says, “You’re supposed to dilute it for a reason! The human body wasn’t made to withstand that kind of vitamin intake, which is why that’s not how it’s advertised.” It is safe to say, avoid doing this challenge.

Put a finger down if you have participated in the pass the phone challenge.

This fun trend is great to do with your team and friends to promote friendship and loyalty. In the phone challenge, teams or groups of friends say something like, “I’m passing the phone to someone who loves Sour Patch Kids,” and then proceeds to pass the phone to the person and so on. “Trends that build people up should be posted more than the negative ” said Xavier Vice Principal for Activities/Athletics Sister Lynn Winsor

Put a finger down if you have done the Toddler swing challenge. 

This trend speaks for itself. The toddler swing challenge is when teens or adults would climb into toddler swings either at home or at parks and would, you guessed it, get stuck. It is for the best if you stay away from this ominous trend. 

Put a finger down if you have heard of the Devious Licks challenge. 

This is the challenge where students destroy school bathrooms by taking soap dispensers, stall doors and more. This challenge has left Arizona public high schools around the valley in despair with a lot of damage. This challenge definitely trends toward the negative.

Put a finger down if you have made the dalgona honeycomb candy.

This trend is rooted out of Netflix’s new trending TV show, Squid Game. First, you heat up sugar and baking soda and make this mixture flat. Then you press a shape into it and have to carve that shape out with a needle. This candy is important to the plot of Squid Game but it was a very popular candy in South Korea before it was filmed. This trend is fun and safe to do.

At the end of the day, teenagers are going to follow whatever is trendy and “cool” but it is best to follow the healthy challenges and avoid the dangerous ones.


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