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Kali Riddell

Kali Riddell, Multimedia Editor

Kind-hearted Kali is the new Multimedia Editor for the XPress. This is her first year on the XPress staff, but her second year as a member as the XPress Club. Aside from XPress, Kali is also involved in Xavier College Preparatory's Choir program. This year, Kali hopes to grow the newspaper at Xavier and hopes to learn a lot about journalism. She hopes to see how news can positively impact the Xavier community!

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Lisa Zuba stands outside her office along the gated confines of Xavier’s soccer field. Zuba has transcended all confinements by the experiences she has encountered.

Author dwells among us

Kali Riddell, XPress Freelancer March 1, 2023

As high school students, we all have dreamt of what the future holds. Some of us want to be doctors, others lawyers. Whether you want to be a historian or an artist, your dream can come true. Lisa Zuba,...

Riley Flynn rides to victory on her bike and in softball. Riley Flynn will now be majoring in biomedical engineering at Harvard University.

Senior growth slideshow

Kali Riddell, Multimedia Editor May 16, 2022

[Video] XPress takes on college with Serena Turner – Stanford!

Kali Riddell, Multimedia Editor May 9, 2022

For this episode, XPress speaks with Serena Turner, a graduate from the class of 2021. She is currently at Stanford playing D1 Beach Volleyball.

Senior Film

Kali Riddell, Multimedia Editor May 5, 2022

[Video] XPress takes on college with Lela Gallery – Mount Holyoke!

Kali Riddell, Multimedia Editor April 13, 2022

For our third episode, we speak with Lela Gallery, a graduate from the class of 2020. She is currently at Mount Holyoke, an all women's college in Massachusetts studying Philosophy.

Simone Zurawski poses with her awards in front of the equidome where she was competing. Simone was Champion in the Junior division at this horse show and received a bid to Junior Nationals.

Horseback riding: A sport like no other

Kali Riddell, Multimedia Editor March 31, 2022

When one thinks of sports in high school, he or she thinks of volleyball, basketball, football, soccer and, consequently, the stereotypical athletes and “jocks” seen in movies. Well, if you learned...

[Video] XPress takes on college with Emma McCarthy – Arizona State!

Kali Riddell, Multimedia Editor February 16, 2022

Emma McCarthy, from the Xavier class of 2021, tells us about her ASU Barrett experience and how she finds that Xavier prepared her for college.  While Emma was at Xavier, she was the Editor-in-chief for...

Xavier’s Executive Board poses before the first Brophy home football game of the year. Executive Board elections for the 2022-2023 school year will take place on March 10.

[Video] Stuco elections are coming soon

Kendall Luther, Staff writer February 10, 2022

  Ask not what Xavier can do for you, ask what you can do for Xavier. With the second semester flying by, student council elections are around the corner. Running for a student council office...

The Senior Exec Board is at the Brophy football game showing off their Brophy spirit. They posed by the Central High School football field.

Student Council Elections

Kali Riddell, Multimedia Editor February 10, 2022


Xavier Students Mary Virginia Vector, Maria Wolowiecki, and friend sneak in a selfie at the March For Life. They were at the Rally from 11 a.m to 2 p.m.

Pro-Life Rally Slide Show

Kali Riddell, Multimedia Editor February 3, 2022

XCP Basketball and HoopComing

Kali Riddell, Multimedia Editor February 3, 2022

XPress takes on your favorite basketball team, the Xavier Gators! See clips of HoopComing and learn from XCP players why they love Xavier basketball.

The XCP chapel is a landmark for faith and a showcase of community. Xavier is honored to attend Mass officiated by Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted on January 21, 2022, his 75th birthday.

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted retires

Kali Riddell, Multimedia Editor December 9, 2021

At Xavier, a massive part of the community is faith. When people walk into the original building at Xavier, Fitzgerald Hall, they can see the words, “Be it known to all who enter here, That Christ is...

Right after her Spanish class, Morgan Greenwood 24’ takes a look at her favorite trends on TikTok. She then went to lunch with her friends and showed them a fun new TikTok trend she found.

What you should know about TikTok trends

Kali Riddell, Multimedia Editor November 18, 2021

Put a finger down if you have TikTok on your phone. If you still have 9 fingers up, keep reading. Tik Tok is a trending app that found its popularity during quarantine in 2020. Visibly, Tik Tok seems...

During the Freshman Prayer Day 2021, freshwomen wear what is typically worn on Buck-a-Sweans days. To wear sweats or jeans, students paid $1 to contribute to pressing issues that Xavier aids.

When tragedy strikes, Xavier helps

Kali Riddell, Staff Writer September 23, 2021

It is safe to say that this year, along with 2020, has not been easy. In the midst of a global pandemic, the United States Forces left Afghanistan on August 30, 2021 in hopes of closing out a 20 year war.  The...

Xavier volleyball players await a serve while practicing hard in the gym for this year’s season!

[Photo] Fall sports: How are they adapting during these times of uncertainty?

September 29, 2020

Xavier volleyball players await a serve while practicing hard in the gym for this year’s season!

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