Editorial reflections: Grace Allen

Grace Allen, News Editor

My time at Xavier has been altering in so many ways. You can never brace yourself for how much you will change in four years. You gain a new level of maturity whether it be intellectual, emotional, or spiritual. 

I am truly thankful for my time on the Executive Board. I met my best friends on Exec. We will forever be tied together by an invisible string. They taught me to find the goodness in people because they bring out the good in you.  

I always had an inkling that I wanted to be a journalist and XPress solidified that. I once got to interview Governor Doug Ducey and I was beyond petrified. Strangely enough, I walked away from the interview with full-body chills because I knew right then I wanted to become a journalist. To the news editor taking my place next year… don’t be afraid to talk to people outside of the interviews you set up. Some of my best quotes and information came from my classmates because you have already built relationships with the people you see every day. 

To whoever is reading this right now: always be humble and kind.