Editorial reflections: Grace Nelson

Grace Nelson, Editor-in-chief

I want to acknowledge the role that the leaders of XPress have played in shaping the type of leader I try to be. I remember being nervous and skeptical of this course as a sophomore, but to my surprise, Emma McCarthy, the editor-in-chief at the time, quickly became a mentor and a friend. She was so kind, patient, and excited about journalism. Most importantly, she ensured that every staff member had a voice. She encouraged everyone to offer their opinions and share ideas. I think this is the quality that is the most characteristic of a good leader. Thanks to her, as well as the encouragement and kindness of Mr. Mos, I continued to pursue journalism for the rest of high school. Now that I have been able to serve as the editor-in-chief, I have tried to emulate the qualities of Emma’s leadership that inspired me as a sophomore. My advice to MJ, next year’s editor-in-chief, is to prioritize the voices of the staff and strive to create an environment in which each member feels valued and comfortable sharing their thoughts. I know MJ is a very talented writer, and I have so much confidence that she will help young staff members realize their own potential.