Editorial reflections: Dina Gorman

Dina Gorman, Arts & Entertainment Editor

I am so thankful for all four years I have spent at Xavier. I am so thankful for my friends, the XPress staff, and my teachers for making my senior year and high school experience memorable. Being a part of the beach volleyball team is one experience I am most thankful for during my time here at Xavier. I got to create friendships I will cherish forever and make memories with my teammates that I will never forget. They have allowed me to be a part of an amazing community that I know will always be there for me, even after I graduate. I also loved being able to write for XPress and become the arts and entertainment editor my senior year. My advice for Chloe Beery, who will be the arts and entertainment editor next year, is to remember to always support the staff writers and help them whenever they need it. Know that being an editor is a great opportunity, and I know you will do an amazing job. Also, do not be afraid to voice your own opinions.