Not your average sports match

Abbie Conrad

Although they may not win banners to display next to those of volleyball and golf, unusual sports are on the rise. These odd activities, hobbies and sports appeal to the hidden talents and unsuspecting interests within each of us.

According to, in the year 1967, Nanaimo, Canada became host to the first “bath tubbing” competition. Participants in this race use a bathtub as a boat, propelling themselves on water with either paddles or a motor. Despite the eccentricity of bathtubbing, it has gained popularity, and now has competitions throughout the world.

If competing in the 2016 Olympics does not seem to be a reality, enrollment in the 2016 annual “Cheese Rolling” competition is an option. According to, the goal of this sport is to race a eight pound Double Gloucester cheese roll down an increasingly steep hill. This unusual occurrence dates back to the 1800s and was even canceled at one point due to safety precautions.

Have you ever considered your toe being the key to your sport? In this case it is; reported toe wrestling to date back to 1967, with its origination in Derbyshire, UK.  Much like arm wrestling, competitors place their toes on a “toedium” and try to push the other off using only their five toes.

However, there are local activities in the heart of Phoenix that still offer unique forms of athletic endeavors. One such example is the Bubble Bash. This annual event hosts numerous acrobatic and yoga troupes in addition to the main event: the bubble bash. These bubbles are human size, so that participants can climb inside and run, hit or roll with their fellow bubble bashers.

Participating in sports does not have to require years of club practice. There are a multitude of activities whose only prerequisite is the willingness to try something new.