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Leading by example: How honor societies inspire service and social responsibility

At the Computer Science Honor Society Magical Motors Build Event 2023, a group of Gators focuses on changing the game by empowering girls to pursue and excel in STEM fields, breaking down barriers and stereotypes, and creating more opportunities for them to succeed. Volunteering their time and expertise, with passion and dedication, they inspire others in the world of technology proving that girls can excel in any field. (Photo courtesy of Xavier College Preparatory’s Computer Science Honor Society)

Scholarship, service, leadership and character. On their own, these are four qualities that embody a true leader: someone who listens to others, values their input and fosters a collaborative and inclusive environment. Ultimately, a true leader is someone who brings out the best in others and works towards the betterment of a collective group.

These four traits also serve as the pillars of the National Honor Society. At Xavier College Preparatory, there are eleven different honor societies with their own respective values, beliefs and traditions. 

These honor societies include the French National Honor Society, the National English Honor Society, International Thespian Society, Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, Computer Science Honor Society, National History Scholars Society, National Honor Society, National Honor Society for Dance Arts, Quill and Scroll Honor Society and the Spanish National Honor Society. 

While every honor society has its own distinct characteristics, they all share a common objective of incorporating and promoting community service. It is through this shared value that they strive to make a positive impact on their communities.

For example, Computer Science Honor Society (CSHS) president Harper Hipps ‘24 says, “While CSHS has two main STEM-related service events, we are constantly striving to become more involved in the community. Our two main service projects include Girls Code IT Day and the Magical Motors Build Event. We also started a blanket donation drive in 2023 to assist the one that is already organized by Tara Metzger and Rhonda Golden. Because of this, we were able to donate 400 blankets to their cause.”

Newly-established, Girls Code IT Day is a CSHS student-run event that celebrates women pursuing interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. A select group of students from the honor society is part of the Girls Code IT Day Committee. Throughout the course of three to four months, the committee develops its ideas into projects that are presented to female middle school students in Arizona. The students are encouraged to engage in hands-on activities in science, technology, engineering and math fields. 

Additionally, Magical Motors is a nonprofit developed by Aanand Mehta and Rohan Fichadia. According to its website, “At Magical Motors, we aspire to create assistive technologies for kids with developmental and physical disabilities. Through the modification of children’s toys, we aim to foster and improve the social, motor and developmental growth in children ages 3-8.” 

At the Magical Motors Build Event, CSHS met with founder Aanand Mehta to help modify and decorate toy cars that were later given to a group of children. This was also done in partnership with Xavier’s Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) Program. 

Community service serves a dual purpose by not only benefiting the community but also fostering personal growth and skill development in these honor society members. It offers a valuable opportunity for individuals to enhance their communication, leadership, problem-solving and teamwork skills, while making positive impacts on society.

National English Honor Society (NEHS) president Andrea Dinglasan ‘24 says, “Through the various service projects of the National English Honor Society, I have developed communication and collaboration skills. Effective communication allows me to portray my thoughts clearly and concisely; collaboration requires communication.”

NEHS hosts a range of service events of its own. It offers a variety of activities and projects for members to participate in, allowing them to make a positive impact on its community while embracing its love for English and literature. 

Dinglasan states, “Our service projects help engage the community’s love for literature. The Book Drive, led by seniors Kali Riddell and Kasia Smigielski, which occurred in December, garnered about 850 books, which were all donated to St. Vincent de Paul. Donating books to the community allows disadvantaged people to cultivate literary skills.”

She adds, “Furthermore, our Storycore program, led by senior Jenna Ference, involves Xavier students visiting Catholic middle schools to read storybooks to them. Not only does this project further the imagination and language skills of the middle school students, but it also helps improve Xavier students’ storytelling and public speaking abilities.”

Volunteering in honor societies provides individuals with opportunities to contribute to causes that hold personal significance and meaning. It allows members to make direct impacts and connections with issues they care about the most.

National Honor Society (NHS) president Emily Alaimo ‘24 says, “I’ve been volunteering with Maggie’s Place since fifth grade. NHS hosts a drive annually to benefit Maggie’s Place, where we collect baby clothes, diapers, diaper cream, baby wipes, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent and toiletries.”

According to its website, “Maggie’s Place is a 501(c)3 organization committed to serving mothers – upholding dignity, providing support for those experiencing barriers to thriving, and building an inclusive, trauma-informed community. Being founded in the spirit of Catholic social teaching, our core values of love, hospitality, community, and excellence derive from these principles.”

Alaimo adds, “We have a variety of drives that we run annually, but our most successful is the St. Vincent de Paul Canned Food Drive, which yielded 550,740 canned food items in 2023.”

The diverse service projects offered by these honor societies provide countless opportunities for individuals to make positive impacts in their communities. Whether promoting literacy or interest in STEM, improving food security or building custom-designed motor vehicles, these organizations empower students to contribute unique skills and passions toward causes that matter to them. 

According to Dinglasan, “the motto of NEHS is ‘Gelast sceal mid are,’ which is the Old English equivalent of ‘Duty goes with honor.’ This motto demonstrates an obligation to use our skills to help others, which we fully commit to in Xavier’s National English Honor Society.” This phrase may be applicable to all honor societies, however.

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