Slam Dunking to State


The Xavier Gators take on Red Mountain in an intense game.

Halle Lewis

This season, the ball is in the court for the Xavier Basketball team. The team is having a phenomenal season, with a 13-8 record. The gators are working hard and hope to get to the state championship.

Xavier is currently ranked 8th in the state for Division 1. After the game on Jan. 26 with the win against Mesa Red Mountain, the state championship seems closer than ever. Varsity senior Cydeni Carter was interviewed regarding her experiences with Xavier basketball.

The exclusive interview with senior Cydeni Carter:

How’s your team doing this season?

C: We are doing better than I have ever seen the Xavier Basketball Program do in my years playing here. We are fighting very hard to get to the state championship.

What do you love most about Xavier Basketball?

C: I really love how close we all are as a team and how we always have a lot of fun together. We also all know how to make each other laugh.

How long have you been playing on the team at Xavier?

C: I have played all 4 years. I started out my freshman year on JV and then I got moved up in the middle of the season to play on Varsity. I have been on Varsity ever since.

What will you miss most next year?

C: I will definitely miss working out and being in shape with my teammates. I love how our coach challenges us and inspires us to stay fit during the season.