App Review: The Outbound Collective


Dominika Swierkosz

The Outbound Collective is an app that should be enjoyed by all.

Katie Shyman

Do you ever find yourself bored and unsure of where to seek fun and new adventures? Perhaps repetitive exercise routines have you in a fitness slump? Maybe you’re on the search for a unique photography niche?

The app “The Outbound Collective” solves all of these problems. After creating a profile, you are asked for your current location and the activities that are of interest to you.  From there, the app will display a variety of locations, both near and far, that cater to your interests.

The app displays locations and location reviews for many different activities including hiking, photography, camping, backpacking, swimming and more.

Senior Meg Ingram said, “I actually have two activities that are my favorite: hiking and photography. What’s cool about ‘The Outbound’ is that those two activities often go together. So whenever I find a new trail I can see if it’s worth packing my camera in my backpack.”

The app is incredibly user-friendly and is a very navigable app. Once you choose what activity interests you, the app generates the nearest locations to complete it.

Ingram said, “My favorite part about the app is the fact that you can use it anywhere. There are activities for every state and city, so no matter where you are, there is no excuse not to get out and explore.”

This app is perfect for traveling or vacation. For seniors, it is a perfect app to download before going to college. “The Outbound” provides a great opportunity to discover neat places and adventures in an unfamiliar area.

In the app, there are four different categories entitled “adventures,” “saves,” “completed” and “lists.” You can create your own adventures, save other people’s adventures that catch your interest, check off a completed adventure, and add future adventures to your list.

Beyond being a fantastic tool for maintaining your opinions, “The Outbound” is a great resource for expanding your familiarity with the world around you.