Playing for a team: school vs club sports

Both school and club sports teams inspire students to get more socially and physically active.


Courtesy of Madie Amavilah '17

Blackhawks Soccer Club play for the win.

Katie Shyman, Sports & Fitness Writer

Playing on a sports team is a great thing to do for both social and health benefits. From club teams to school teams, there are plenty of opportunities to try new sports and play at different levels.

Typically, both school and club sports demand a few hours of time per week for practice and games or tournaments. Benefits of school teams are that you are representing your school, which is a great way to meet other students at your school and demonstrate school spirit. Senior Elizabeth Conn said about playing on a school sports team, “I chose to play tennis at Xavier so that I could be more involved in my school. After playing on the freshman team, I couldn’t wait to try out in the spring. I love that there is a place for everyone in XCP tennis, whether you’re just starting or you’ve played your whole life! It has overall been an amazing experience and I have made many friends through it.”

On the other hand, club sports give you the opportunity to meet people that may not go to your school. Junior Julia Hutt said, “I chose my team because of the coach. I had this coach when I younger and I found out that he was coaching a team my age so I decided to try out! What I like best about it is the friends that I have made from the team.”

Some athletes will play for both school and sports teams. “I chose my team because it was the best club team in Arizona and played against really good competition. What I like best about my team is how each player is able to bring something different to the team and is able to impact the game with their own special skills. I chose to play soccer for Xavier because the program is very competitive and is one of the best high school soccer teams in the state every year. What I like best about the Xavier soccer team is the sense of community and team chemistry that we have on and off the field,” said Junior Kinsey Ehmann about playing for both types of teams.

Overall, both school and club sports teams can help one meet new people, play their favorite sport, and get active.