Gyms around the Valley

These three workout facilities are great for anyone seeking to update their fitness routine

The Madison Improvement Club

Courtesy of Carly Gillehand at AZ Central

The Madison Improvement Club

Katie Shyman, Sports & Fitness Writer

Working out is an activity that some of us dread, while others love it. Despite your feelings toward it, working out is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s doing your own routine at home, going to the gym or doing group classes, there are a multitude of ways to get your workout in. Around the valley, there are many facilities that offer classes or availability of equipment. Below are some hotspots for a great workout that any Gator would love.

The first place is The Biltmore Studio, which offers great yoga and barre classes. With two different locations, times both before and after school and great classes, the Biltmore Studio is a great environment to get your daily dose of exercise. They also sell pretty, but functional, workout attire. This studio is owned by junior Megan Bleam’s mother, so you can catch Megan there often.

The next place is The Village, which is basically the holy grail of gyms. With dozens of workout classes offered, tennis courts, a swimming pool, racquetball courts and a variety of machinery, there is surely something for everyone there. However, membership is required to have access to these amenities, or you can get a guest pass if you go with a member. In addition, there are several locations throughout the Valley from Camelback to Ocotillo, according to their website.

The last place is the Madison Improvement Club. If spin is your thing, definitely check this one out. When you enter, a chic, trendy facility welcomes you. Blaring music and fun lights make every class feel like it’s a party. It also has great food, such as Kaleidoscope Juice, and cute apparel for sale. “I’ve been to this club before and it’s super nice and fun to work out in,” junior Claire Fleming said.
All of these spots are perfect for anyone wanting to get a quick workout, yoga class or spin session in during a busy school schedule.