Tennis shoes: for training and style

Tennis shoes are the perfect shoes for training and street-style.


Maddy Todd '17

A pair of bright Nike Zoom Vomeros.

Katie Shyman, Writer

Whether they’re for running, walking, or just lounging around, America has delved full-force into an obsession with tennis shoes. This year, you can spot retro Nikes, stylish Adidas, and comfy Asics on any street-style icon. Below is a breakdown of the most popular sneaker brands on the market.

First, Nike has some great tennis shoe options that are perfect for both training and less strenuous activities. Popular Nike exercise shoes are Flyknits for training and Air Zooms for running. These provide excellent support and durability, so they’re well-suited for athletic needs. Nike Roshes are extremely popular due to their stylish design and light, breathable material. Though these don’t provide the best support for training, they are worn by many for fashion purposes to achieve an effortless, chic look.

Adidas also has many fashionable options, including pop-culture icons Rihanna and Kanye West’s lines. Their Stan Smiths are very popular, along with their Superstars. However, these are more of a casual shoe as opposed to an exercise shoe. Their shoes designated for exercise are still a good choice for athletes, though, especially their Ultra Boost and Pure Boost that are for running. Overall, Adidas has a very versatile selection of shoes fit for lounge and exercise.

For athletes, arguably the best and most supportive shoe brand on the market is Asics due to the way their aerodynamics are designed. Personally, my dad has run over twenty marathons in his lifetime, several of them being the Boston Marathon, and he refuses to wear any other running shoe besides Asics because of their great support. When I played club volleyball, I also wore Asics volleyball shoes, and they were both extremely comfortable and supportive. Because of their support and comfort, Asics are also a good option for preventing foot injury for those with pre-existing foot-related issues.

Junior Kate Straneva said about her favorite tennis shoe, “I love Asics because they provide me with support for all types of terrain. Whether it’s running along Arizona’s scenic canals, summiting Camelback, or hitting the gym, Asics never let me down!”

All of these shoe brands have notable selections for both style and training. No matter which shoe you choose, you really can’t go wrong since these brands value comfort over all else.