Getting Fit at School: Xavier’s Take on Popular Fitness Electives


Fitness of the Mind and Body is a one-semester elective offered to Xavier Juniors and Seniors. Throughout the semester, students learn yoga poses, breathing techniques, and meditation practices. Photo courtesy of Bridget Wickers ‘20.

Fitness classes can be expensive and inconvenient after a long school day. Luckily, Xavier offers a variety of fitness classes that are available for students to take as one of their electives during the school year. From Weight Training to Sports Medicine, each of these classes is taught by trained professionals who encourage Xavier to be a happy, healthy campus.

Weight Training and Fitness for Life are some of the more challenging and intense fitness classes offered at Xavier. In Weight Training, students learn the proper form for certain weight lifting exercises along with the numerous benefits of weightlifting. Sophomore Jaden Campbell says that “Coach Fitzgerlad [the course instructor] provides us with important lessons of how to stay fit and healthy throughout our lives.”

Fitness for Life is another physical education class available, which also emphasizes the importance of taking care of yourself. In Fitness for Life, students work on creating a fitness routine that focuses on their cardiorespiratory, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Both Fitness for Life and Weight Training take dedication but are rewarding and fun classes.

If you are looking for a more calm and relaxing class, Fitness of the Mind and Body, also known simply as yoga, could be a perfect elective to request this upcoming registration season. Through instruction by Ms. Running on yoga poses, breathing techniques, and meditation practices, students find time to be serene and regroup within their day. Junior Bridget Wickers likes that she has yoga seventh period and says that “it is a great way to end my day, it teaches me about my body and all the things I can accomplish with it.” Yoga is a popular tool that students can use to manage stress and boost their health while getting a workout in.

Some students would rather save workouts for home and choose to take Sports Medicine. In Sports Medicine, aspiring athletic trainers, doctors or fitness instructors get to engage in a hands-on activity involving sports medicine. Students learn how to wrap wounds, heal fractures and take care of your body in the best way possible. Sophomore Emmie Machen, a rower on crew, said that taking sports med helped her to wrap and treat blisters on her hands from rowing. By taking Sports Med, Xavier students can study how to take care of injuries and learn from Ms. White, who recently won Xavier Faculty Member of the Year at the Traditions Day Assembly.

The unique fitness centered classes at Xavier highlight how much Xavier values their students’ health and well being. Students should take advantage of these opportunities and participate in these classes throughout their career at Xavier. Between the challenging environment of Fitness for Life and Weight Training, the stress-reducing benefits of yoga and the hands-on medical experience in Sports Med, there is an option for every type of learner within Xavier’s Physical Education department.