Advice from Alumnas

Kyla Ferry, Class Writer

As we enter the last few months of the school year, many seniors face the stress of wondering where they will end up and if they will be ready for this new journey that they are embarking on. On May 11, our seniors will graduate and prepare to go off to college in the following months. Many are apprehensive about this big change in their lives. However, with so many Xavier students going to amazing schools, girls come out of Xavier prepared for the rigor of college courses and are already set on the path to success. College is a time to find yourself and seek out new opportunities, so seniors, get excited for the next step.

Xavier alumna Emily Hink ‘18 is now a freshman at the University of Alabama and absolutely loves it. Hink said, “I know it can be scary to move away, but don’t let that hold you back.” She found the transition to be somewhat simple academically since it was consistent with Xavier’s workload. However, the transition to a new state across the country was socially difficult. Yet, as you get to know people, Hink says you “make memories with strangers who quickly become like family.”

Mady Chait ‘18 states, “my favorite thing about college is being independent. You learn a lot about yourself when you move out and live on your own, and I think that’s one of the most valuable things college gives you!” Chait played varsity soccer last year at Xavier and is now thriving at Duke University. She would advise everyone going into college “to be patient with the process, have fun, work hard, and enjoy yourself because it will go by fast.”

Member of last year’s Executive Board and a track star, Bisola Ojeniyi ‘18, is now at the University of Southern California having the time of her life. Ojeniyi says, “the transition academically was a little tricky. At Xavier, our classes met four times a week which meant there were lots of grades and assignments to make up for mistakes. However, in college, some classes meet only twice a week and the majority of the grade is based on one assignment and one test, so there is not a lot of wiggle room.” A vibrant girl, the social transition was easy for her since she is very outgoing, so making friends comes naturally. She declares, “college is nothing like high school in the best way possible. My biggest advice for college is to go in with an open mind and not hold on to high school.” Each one of these girls are going to do amazing things with their lives, and it is so great to see them flourish in college.

College is not something that should bring worry. Rather, it should bring excitement for the future. As we, the seniors, enter this new phase in our life, we should be optimistic and know that wherever we end up going is exactly where we are supposed to be. So make memories, be a leader, strive for success and most importantly, have fun! Some of us will go our separate ways in a few months, but the friendships we make here at Xavier will last a lifetime.