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Sports covers the never-ending games, championships, and awards that Xavier receives and participates in.

Another couples pose similar to a totem pole of Kit Blouin ‘20, Olivia Petrine ‘20 and a fairy-unicorn goat. This is one of the more simpler poses that one can perform with the goats. Pictured by an unknown yogi.

Goat Yoga: The Solution to Your New Year’s Resolution

Kit Blouin, Class Writer January 22, 2019

As the new year has begun and the idea of achieving the “New year, new me” lifestyle you had in store for 2019 becomes more intimidating, an easy way to start your journey is by finding fun, inventive...

Junior Megan Onofrei, Senior Lindsay Hubbard, and Senior Sadie Wintergalen enjoyed the atmosphere of the Brophy Hoopcoming Basketball Game. Although the Broncos came up short in the game this year, Hoopcoming was a fun time for all.

Hoopcoming: A Tradition Like No Other

Emmie Halter, Club Writer January 22, 2019

Hoopcoming is not only one of the best dances of the school year, but is also one of Brophy’s biggest sporting events. After seeing the talented Bronco basketball players dribble their way to victory,...

Xaviers Varsity Basketball team with the senior captains Leilani McIntosh, Addie Putnam, and Paris Rasheed-Moore featured in the front row. Photo courtesy of Duke Photography.

Xavier Basketball: Leading by Example

Caroline Hink and Megan Onofrei January 22, 2019

After last season’s run to the State Championship game, Xavier Varsity Basketball continues to dominate the 6A division and are currently ranked 3rd in the state by AZPreps365, behind Hamilton and Pinnacle....

Sophomore Emmie Halter attends Orangetheory regularly and aside from fitness classes, Orangetheory offers special things, like juice cleanse trials. Emmie tried some juices from Nekter after her most recent class.

Starting the New Year with New Goals

Emmie Halter, Club Writer December 13, 2018

Although health should be a year-round priority, most Americans have a reality check in the new year and start making health conscience goals. A study from Forbes estimates that about 40% of Americans...

Pictured is the Apple Watch Series 3. The Apple Watch Series 3 showcases the qualities implemented in the watch that monitor daily physical activity and its many qualities. Photo Courtesy of

Holiday Gift Guide

Megan Onofrei, Sports and Fitness Editor December 12, 2018

The Holidays are the greatest time of the year. However, Christmas shopping can be super stressful with having to find the perfect gift for your family members and loved ones. Below is a guide to amazing...

Junior Megan Onofrei is getting excited for the Christmas season and upcoming basketball games. Photo by Kit Blouin.

Should Professional Sports Leagues Schedule Games on Christmas Day?

Caroline Hink, Class Writer December 12, 2018

For decades now, professional sports teams have been playing games on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. One of the biggest professional sports leagues in the United States, the NBA, regularly schedule...

Pictured is Xaviers golf team winning the Division 1 Girls Golf Championships. Congrats to the golf program on their 36th state title! Photo courtesy of Eve Worden ‘19.

Fall Sports Recap

Emmie Halter, Club Writer November 20, 2018

Xavier is known for its challenging academics and athletic success. The close of the fall sports season ended with great triumph and three state titles for Volleyball, Cross Country, and Golf. Swim and...

Teenagers often stay up late at night and lose sleep through the use of technology. Watching Netflix and Facetiming a friend are 2 very common ways to lose sleep. Photo Courtesy of Megan Onofrei

How do cell phones affect your sleeping pattern?

Megan Onofrei, Sports and Fitness Editor November 18, 2018

Teenagers are attached to their cell phones and it seems like everything about their lives is on such a small device. From schedules to social media to unlimited information, these small devices are utilized...

Xaviers varsity volleyball team for the 2018-2019 season. Pictured before they won their 2nd consecutive state championship. 
Photo Courtesy of Kristin Hayward & Robertson Family.

Varsity Volleyball Defends Their State Title

Megan Onofrei, Sports and Fitness Editor November 12, 2018

The varsity volleyball team had a successful season, with 13 wins and 4 losses within their league. While participating in tournaments such as the Nike TOC Tournament and the Durango Fall Classic, the...

Senior Jane Tiffany at Badminton Senior Night on Oct. 4. Photo by Kyla Ferry.

Badminton Senior Night

Kyla Ferry, Class Writer October 16, 2018

Athletics and sports play a huge role in the lives of Xavier College Prep students. Athletes put in hours of work every day to prepare themselves for their games, matches, and tournaments, and as the season...

Photo of Kit Blouin 20 and Caroline Hink 20. Courtesy of Megan Onofrei 20.

Ways to De-stress at Xavier

SRS October 3, 2018

With the school year starting off, it can be easy to get stressed and caught up in the rigorous workload, plentiful clubs, and the multitude of activities that Xavier provides. And with this newfound stress...

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